Ideas for a Custom Framed Piece to Celebrate a Recent Retiree

When you manage a company and one of your employees will soon be retiring, it's nice to think of the different ways that you can celebrate them. While a meal with your entire staff is often doable, you may also wish to order a custom item that the retiree can take home after their last day of work. One good option is a framed piece that helps to tell the story of the person's employment at your organization.

Decorate Your Home With Landscape Photography

People choose to decorate their homes with all kinds of art pieces. Paintings, sculptures, and photographs give guests interesting things to look at and allow homeowners to customize their living spaces. When many people think about using photographs to decorate their homes, they think about family pictures or photos they have taken themselves. Photography can be used to capture the beauty of nature, too. Some nature photographers turn their photos into fine art landscape photography prints that people use to bring color and life into their homes.

An Overview Of The Video Post-Production Process

Having a video made for you by a content production company, but do not know what to expect? Here is an overview of the process from start to finish. Timing Cut Everything starts with a timing cut. The editor will likely take still images from the board and place them into their editorial timeline, then record the voice-over or dialogue themselves to get a good idea about the overall length of the video.

How To Avoid Overages During The Video Post-Production Process

When you start a project with a video production company, their producer is going to give you a budget and timeline that they will try their best to meet. However, there are many things that can happen to cause the project to deviate from this plan and cause overages. Here are some things that you can do to avoid overages in your video production project. Giving Timely Feedback After Each Round Of Review