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How To Avoid Overages During The Video Post-Production Process

When you start a project with a video production company, their producer is going to give you a budget and timeline that they will try their best to meet. However, there are many things that can happen to cause the project to deviate from this plan and cause overages. Here are some things that you can do to avoid overages in your video production project.

Giving Timely Feedback After Each Round Of Review

A common problem that comes up is not giving timely feedback to the video production company after each round to reviewing the video. This is because there is a schedule that the video production company needs to stick to in order to plan for future jobs since they cannot work on your video indefinitely. If you cause delays that result in the schedule shifting days or weeks, you could end up paying overages in terms of overtime hours to fit the work in, or for bringing in additional freelancers to work on your project.

The delays in giving feedback often come when multiple people need to weigh in on the video that you are creating. You may have a boss that is simply too busy to watch the video and give feedback during the scheduled time. Someone that was supposed to review the video may have gone on an unexpected vacation, and you have to wait for them to return to the office. Your other responsibilities may have caused you to be too busy and the review process keeps getting shifted to a later day. Realize that these delays can shift the schedule and lead to unexpected overages. 

Avoiding Changes To The Script In Post-Production

The producer will develop a budget and schedule based on a script that you provided at the beginning of the process. Sticking to that script is key to staying within budget since unexpected changes are going to cause big problems that add additional hours to the post-production process. 

The best way to avoid these changes is to make sure that everyone that needs to approve the final video also approves the script. Make them aware that making changes to the script later on will lead to overages. Take the time upfront to get script approval, rather than rush into production. If a change happens late into the post-production process, even if it is as simple as changing the voice over that needs to be re-recorded, you could end up with overages because the additional work was not in the original budget.