3 Great Tips To Remember When Taking A Water Light-Art Cruise

If you're a fan of art, there's no better way to appreciate it than to take a water light-art cruise. It enables you to cruise waters all while looking at illuminated art pieces. To maximize this already unique experience, you should remember these tips.  Study Up on the Artists  So that you can truly appreciate the beautiful artwork displayed on the waters, you need to know as much as you can about the artists who will be featured in the event.

Tired Of Being A Starving Artist? How To Develop An Effective Web Page To Display Your Work

If you're a starving artist, you'd probably like to get out of the starving phase sooner than later. One way to do that is with a highly effective web page. You might know lots of starving artists who have web pages, but that doesn't mean they're effective. After all, there's more to making an effective web page than just the web address. If you're worried about the cost of designing an effective web page, you don't need to be.