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Reasons To Choose A Wooden Frame For Your Picture

Your local framing studio has all sorts of framing options to consider when you want to get a special picture framed. You'll see frames made from several different materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. While there are advantages to each of these materials, you should give some strong consideration to choosing a wooden frame. Wooden frames are available in many styles, ranging from rustic to modern, and in virtually every finish you can imagine. Regardless of what picture you want framed, here are some reasons that wood can be a good choice.

Timeless Look

One thing that many people like about wooden frames is that they offer a timeless look. If you're framing something that is important to you, it's reasonable to expect that you'll want it to remain framed for years or even decades to come. Certain frames can look stylish now but may look dated at some point in the future. For example, a colored plastic frame might currently appeal to you, but you could find that this frame looks a little juvenile as you get older. You won't have the same concerns with wood, which has a timeless appearance.

Good Visual Match

Another reason to choose a wooden frame for your picture is that it will likely match numerous elements in the room in which you hang it. Regardless of where you plan to display the frame in your home, there are probably other wood things nearby. For example, you probably have wooden furniture just a short distance from where the frame will hang. You can choose a frame that matches or complements these pieces of furniture to create a stylish look. Other frame types — plastic and metal, for example — may not offer the same visual match because you won't necessarily have nearby things in the same materials.

Light In Weight

While the weight of wood can fluctuate based on its type, you'll often find that wooden frames are on the lighter side. Metal frames, conversely, will often be heavy. When you're going to hang a framed picture on your wall, it's handy if the frame is as light as possible. The heavier the frame, the more complicated it will be to hang. For example, if the frame on a large picture is too heavy, you'll need to secure it to a wall stud or use anchor hardware. With a light frame, these steps aren't typically necessary.

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