Appreciating Beautiful Art Pieces

4 Wall Painting Ideas for People Looking to Ditch Their Posters

If you are moving into your first apartment, and feel like decorating with posters might be a bit too reminiscent of all the dorm rooms and shard apartments you had during college, then a nice wall painting is just the ticket. However, if you've always been the type who hung posters, you might be a bit intimidated or overwhelmed at picking out a painting. Maybe you have visions of a fancy auction house, and the stuffy atmosphere of a museum.

While that's certainly part of the art world, it's a small part of it. You can get beautiful paintings online that will look amazing on your wall. Here are four type of paintings to consider.

Equine Paintings

If you love horses, then you will be pleased to know that there are painters that specialize in painting horses. A beautiful equine painting is a great way to bring nature and art into your home. You can find a painting depicting a horse at rest, standing in a field. Or you might like one of the paintings that feature horses racing down the track at one of the countries storied racetracks.

Abstract Paintings

If your more into modern art, and also want the painting to compliment the color scheme of your apartment decor, then abstract art is perfect. You can search for these paintings by color (as opposed to subject) and pick one that matches the furniture colors. There are lots of variety in abstract paintings, everything from the famous splatter style of the 1950's to more recent minimalist abstract paintings that have a cleaner look.

Mixed Media Painting

One very cool idea is to consider a mixed media painting. These are paintings where the artist incorporated something besides paint. They might have used metals, or broken plates and other pieces of pottery. The mixed media paintings have a very 3D feel, so they are great if you want a painting that has a stand out texture.

Reproduction Paintings

Of course, if you were a fan of classic paintings, and those were the types of posters you choose (perhaps a poster version of a famous Renaissance painting) you can also get a reproduction painting.

So, if you still would love to have that image of a famous wheat field in France hung on your wall, you should consider searching for reproduction paintings. The cool thing about these is that, like the posters, you can get them in different sizes. So, you have the nice texture and 3D look of a painting, but you can choose the size you like and not be confined to the dimensions of the original. 

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